Is It Time For A New Website?

Have a look at your competitor’s websites, does their website look more professional than your own? If the answer is yes, there is no doubt you are losing valuable clients. A website is the front of your business, if clients find it difficult to relate to the service or product on the website, they will go elsewhere, it’s just human nature.  Take this for example, would you rather input your credit card details into a dated looking website with products scattered across the pages or a modern bright website with an attractive layout.

Not everyone likes spending money on a website, but in all honesty, a little sacrifice can go a long way and can pay off very quickly (we have seen it time and time again). Unless you are constantly networking, which most self-employed individuals would rather spend time elsewhere.  Here are some contributing factors that may help you decide if your website needs a revamp.

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Mobile responsiveness

We live in 2017, not 1997, It’s not a world of only desktop computers anymore. At the end of 2016 mobile web usage took over desktop for the first time ever. With thousands of devices on the market now, it is essential to have a website that adapts to any screen size. If a potential customer views your website on mobile and it doesn’t resize, this is poor user experience and I will guarantee, without a doubt, you are losing leads.

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Load Times

Let’s just say you are meeting some friends for a dinner after work, would you rather be waiting around for them to turn up or would you like them to be on time? I know what I would prefer. It’s the same with a website but on a much quicker scale. According to the Telegraph,  a user will leave a website if it hasn’t fully loaded in 4.5 seconds. If your site takes any longer than this, maybe it’s time to think about optimising it for the web.

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Content Management

You want to edit your content on your website but can’t do it quickly? Having a Content Management System such as WordPress allows you to edit content with a great and easy to follow User Interface. Gone are the days of contacting and waiting for the web team to code some HTML into your website. Having a CMS allows you to log in instantly and change anything you want.

If you are reading this glancing back at your black and white television or listening to your Sony Walkman, It’s not too late for you either.  At Aims Media we will guide you through every step and help you make your mark on the web.

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