Themes Vs Custom Built Websites

As many people know there are many websites out there offering themes.  These range from free to hundreds of pounds. These themes can be customised to suit your requirements. They come with bells and whistles and can be relatively simple to install. Many of these themes come with a bundle of plugins for you to setup and add additional functionality to your website. That’s the main problem with many ‘off the shelf’ DIY themes for websites. The functions of the theme are reliant on plugins.

If there are too many plugins on a website, this will hinder the performance of your website. This can affect loading times and usability of the website. In addition, plugins need their own instruction manual on how to operate them.

If you consider this to be a viable option then there is another downside. Time. You will need to spend time setting up the site, installing whatever content management system that your theme is built for. Then you need to work out how to run it!

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Themes should only be used if you have a strong understanding on how a CMS works and how to customise the website. You might even need to know some CSS before you do this.
Furthermore, you have spent £50 on a theme and you need to work out how to put the site together with little or no support. In the meantime, you are not keeping your eye on your main priority, your customer.

You need to ask yourself, is saving money the best way to find a solution?

At AIMS Media, we make all our clients’ websites from scratch. We listen to your needs and customise your website to suit your needs. Your website is created with one thing in mind, your customer. As many businesses will be only too concerned with, they want their site to reflect the product or service they offer to their customer. We take this into account when designing your site. This also means if you want something changed or added later we can do this also. This is something an off the shelf theme cannot do.
Once your site has been launched, we can still make additional changes to it with adding the functionality to allow for this.

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If a client wants to easily edit sections of the site we can allow for this too. This is factored in when the site is being built.
A custom-built website can be specific for your needs but it can also be as flexible as you need it to be.

Of course, it isn’t all advantages to a custom-built website. For example, if you would like to change the structure of a page then this will mean some additional work being carried out. This can be costly if the task is big and needs more functions, structure and styling to be added.
The advantages of a custom-built site far outweigh the disadvantages of one and you can be assured that your site will be tested to make sure your site looks how it should on whatever device your customer is using.

If you are considering a new website and would like to speak to us, feel free to contact us or call us on 0141 428 3480. Whether it is a small brochure website or a full-scale eCommerce website we will be only happy to help.