Using Social To Interact With Customers

Although social networks weren’t designed for brand marketing purposes, they’ve become a handy tool for businesses to reach out to customers – and more importantly potential customers. It’s cost effective, simple and allows people all over the world to discover your brand. We’ve knocked up some handy guidelines for using social media to promote your business:

  • Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, using the appropriate platform is key. But it’s not just about the site, with 70% of businesses acquiring new customers through Facebook and 50% through Twitter, the content you upload is very important. The right message will engage the right user, constant cat videos probably won’t.
  • Monitor brand related conversations. In turn, access can be gained to influential people and relevant conversations that show potential for brand engagement. Aim to encourage the right users to create a buzz about the brand as this will attract potential customers.
  • Listen to your target audience. What are they interested in? What age group are they? Simply put, you wouldn’t get a granny to promote a product for teenagers (unless she was super hip of course). Think about who your audience are and what you want to get across to them.
  • Be current. Yes, that three-year-old ‘fail’ compilation on YouTube is still funny, but everyone’s seen it. What’s trending right now?
  • And finally, transparency is crucial. Be prepared to take criticism on board and use it to improve. The most important thing is satisfying your customer, and that’s all based on trust.