Website Development

aims-webFirst impressions count, and for many businesses your first interaction with a potential customer will be through your website.

But people surfing online are notoriously impatient, and it doesn’t take much for them to become frustrated with a website that doesn’t immediately load or looks odd on their mobile.

After landing on the homepage of your website, searchers will decide in a split second whether they will take a look around, or continue their search elsewhere.

So how do we make sure your website ticks all of the boxes for both search engines and searchers? We stick to what works and include the following essential features:


Having a website that isn’t responsive is like having a chocolate kettle – pretty useless. Google has recently revealed that more Google searches are now performed on mobile devices than on desktop, and we’ve known for a while that Google rewards responsive sites with higher rankings. Every website that we build responds to different screen sizes – from smartphones to tablets – so your visitors won’t get frustrated and leave.

Loading speed

The speed at which your website loads is not only an important ranking factor, but will greatly impact your user experience. A few years ago, Amazon revealed that a page load slowdown of just 1 second could cost the company $1.6 billion in sales each year as users become impatient and look elsewhere.  We’re all guilty of leaving a page that takes more than a few seconds to load, and visitors to your site will have the exact same reaction if your website is slow. By compressing images correctly and avoiding too many unnecessary plugins, we can build a fast website that will retain visitors.


Having a fast and responsive website isn’t much use if it doesn’t look good. We work closely with our clients to create an attractive design that reflects the personality of your business.

Technical SEO

Effective SEO starts with your website, and what goes on behind the scenes is an important part of making Google happy. We make sure that everything is in order, from your title tags to your robots.txt file, so the off-page SEO can start without a hitch.

We can inject some personality and creativity into your website, turning casual visitors into potential customers. Remember, there’s no shame in wanting to look fabulous.

Whether your existing website needs a makeover or you’re looking for a brand new site, we can help. Simply get in touch with us here. 

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