SEO Strategies To Improve Ranking

Improving SEO Ranking

Improving search ranking for your website isn’t simple. As more businesses realise the importance of SEO as their main armoury in their digital marketing campaign, search engine algorithms are smarter and have become more sophisticated. Techniques that once worked in improving ranks and driving traffic have become obsolete and in some cases will now serve you with a Google penalty.

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As we implement SEO campaigns we need backlinks, improved traffic and rankings. How can all this be achieved ethically?


Creating infographics are a great way of getting a point across. They’re popular as they’re easy to understand. Another reason why you should invest your time in creating infographics as they’re a quick way of establishing backlinks, and quality ones at that.

The way to establish quality backlinks to your site is to get the user to embed the source code into their site. There’s various tools out there:

Embed Code Generator

On the infographic, use the URL you want them to copy by inserting it into the embed code. This means, it can’t be missed. Some will ignore it but a large percentage will reference where they found the infographic and hyperlink the URL and then just like magic, you have a link back to your site.

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Personal blogging

Blogs are a fantastic way of defining your companies voice while also connecting you with the people who read your blog. Personal blogs are written in an informal and conversational manner much like a magazine.

If you’re the CEO of your business, a great way of connecting you with your customers is generating personal content about your interests and beliefs. This way, it gives the organisation a more personal touch while it overlaps with the company’s goals.

Creating an informative blog also serves another purpose that drives traffic.  You may be blogging about a new law to come into effect about product development. Someone in legal can blog about it that informs other people in their own organisation but it also gives others in a similar position in other companies to read your content then share it.


A great way of driving traffic to your site is by creating video or content interviews with a knowledgeable employee or CEO on an important topic matter.  When you’re talking about the subject, you can’t act like a car salesman, over selling your brand, but you can still sell it.

Being confident, approachable and open, people engage with that. If viewers can relate to your problem, they’re more than likely to see you as someone who can help them.

Conducting interviews also gives your company a platform to talk about new products, offerings, news and ventures. Linking at the end of the interview to the URL on new products is a great call to action technique.


There are still ways of improving ranks with a solid strategy. By creating great content, it improves the chances of it being shared and linked. These methods all help drive traffic and conversions.

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