Caffe Royale

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  • Who are they? 

    Caffe Royale is a stylish Italian restaurant based in the heart of Paisley.  The staff combine traditional and authentic Italian cooking methods with modern innovations to create a totally unique taste experience. Whether you’re looking for a simple plate of pasta or a pizza that’ll make you rethink your favourite toppings, Caffe Royale is the place to head.

    Work Completed? 

    Caffe Royale might be a small restaurant, but they needed a big and bold website to reflect their ambitions. We started with a simple homepage design which incorporated images reminiscent of Italy – fresh food, wine and classic Italian cars. We kept the menu as simple as possible, to ensure that customers would have no problem finding the contact details for the restaurant and could easily book a table. Despite the bold imagery, the Caffe Royale website is completely responsive and can be viewed comfortably on all screen sizes, which is a must for the modern Internet browser.

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    • Web Design
    • Copywriting
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