Photography For The Web

Being Unique

When thinking about your next web design project, you may wish to consider what kind of imagery you will be using.

In most cases, the client will opt for stock photos as it meets their branding guidelines and are happy to have this.  However, take the examples below:

Both sites use the same generic stock image.  This image is used on thousands of websites.  They serve their purpose but does it say much to your customer?

If your budget allows for a professional photographer, one with a good reputation then this is a great investment.  This means your business can stand out from your competitors and allow you to give customers a real positive impression of what your business is like.

This would especially true if your business is a restaurant.  Your customers want to see what they would be eating before they visit.  They could look great on social media where people may post images of their own meals but you could use these images for your website too.

Images are a critical component to any website.  They enhance your brand, your identity and the enhances the user experience.

Big images

Most projects will still be using a slider for maximum impact when visiting a website.  It allows people to see your brand message but also helps promote many messages within seconds.  This is known as your “Shop Window”.

Many sites are moving away from sliders and only having a static image with large messages on them.  The could be promoting a seasonal sale or a new product.  However, they also communicate the main message of the company.  Large static images are effective as they cut down loading time and resize better than sliders when viewed on tablets or even phones.

Web design trends can be short lived however large photography for creative projects will be here to stay for some time.

We can help you achieve maximum visual impact with your next web project be it large or small.  Speak to us to see how we can help you achieve this.