The Many Benefits Of SEO For A Small Business

Due to financial restraints, SME’s can find it tough standing out from the crowd online. That’s why small businesses would have everything to gain from SEO.  Companies who invest in search are much better off.

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Why Search Engine Optimisation?

At AIMS Media, we see it day in day out with our clients and the advantages that SEO can bring to the table. Let’s check out the many benefits that an SEO strategy can bring to your business:

SEO helps you create a better and more user-friendly website

By optimising your website for SEO, it will help create a faster, friendly and overall better user experience for visitors. SEO isn’t just about pleasing search engines like Google to engage a higher ranking for your website, it’s also about the experience the user has onsite.

If the user is happy then search engines are happy too. The user experience is improved by following good on-page SEO techniques. This creates several benefits, short and long term.

 Find new customers and assist growth

You should ask yourself what are the main reasons for having a website? And, it’s quite a simple answer; to increase your brand presence, increase and differentiate your customer base and make your business one that’s profitable.   Businesses that have an online presence are more likely to grow than ones that don’t.

SEO will help you compete better in search rankings and this will translate in not just more visits but more customers and more conversions too.

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 Explore new markets

One of the fastest growing economies in the world is the web but it isn’t the only one. With the implementation of an SEO campaign, it can help businesses diversify into new markets and identify new economies. Adopting an SEO campaign as part of a bigger digital marketing strategy linked to social media can enable your traffic levels to be taken to the next level.

Achieve better conversion rates

The great thing about a SEO optimised website is that it’s compatible with mobile and tablet while also being fast and easy to use. If you have an easy to use website, users are likely to stay on it longer and become subscribers, customers or repeat visitors.

Build brand awareness through better rankings

Websites that have a good web presence are more likely to build positive brand awareness than a brand that is nowhere to be seen on SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages.) Users will trust a brand that’s in the top positions. For small businesses to achieve this they need to invest in SEO to gain notoriety either locally or nationally.

Stay in-synch with latest developments

The search industry is one that is ever changing. Staying ahead in terms of developments and rule changes is a benefit to any business.

By hiring a reliable and well respected SEO company such as AIMS Media, we will give you on going advice so you don’t miss any opportunity.

Take over competition

Stay ahead of the competition. If you have another organisation who sells the exact products at similar prices, which is likely to achieve their business objectives? The one with an SEO optimised website or one that has a website but isn’t ranking for any keywords at all?

If all things are equal apart from on the SEO front, who do you think will be more successful? Which company will grow faster and gain more customers from local SEO?

Don’t underestimate the power of search engines and if your competitors are adopting SEO and other digital marketing strategies then you need to do the same.

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Open your business 24×7

If you have a business that generates organic traffic it’s like it’s open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Invest in SEO to gain new customers when your business is closed.

The magic of the internet and SEO enable you to reach new markets at any time of the day.

How can you take advantage of all these benefits?

  1. Invest in a website with the help of AIMS Media. We specialise in every aspect of digital marketing and this includes web builds.
  2. You need an SEO expert to design your digital campaign. Employing a digital agency with search expertise needs to be seen as an investment and not a cost.


SEO isn’t just for businesses with an online presence who are wanting to compete, it’s an investment for all companies with a website.  An optimised website is the bare minimum in today’s world so spend on SEO should not be considered a hinderance.

If you’re in Glasgow or elsewhere and looking to get your business not only competing but growing online, get in touch today and we can arrange a chat.