Jenny Cook – My Week of Work Experience with AIMS Media

I have spent this week working with the AIMS Media team for my work experience. Not only did I have a great time, but I’ve also learnt so many new things thanks to the lovely team who have taken the time to show me what they do on a day to day basis!

Why I had to do work experience

In 4th year you must find a local business to do one week of work experience to give me a taste of what a working environment is like as it’s very different from school. It’s also a good idea to try and pick a workplace you’re interested in and thinking about having a career in when you leave school so that you can see if it is what you’re expecting.

I want to be a journalist when I leave school and social media is also a big part of my daily life, so I knew Digital Marketing would be something I would find interesting!

What I got up to!


Monday was a bank holiday so my week got off to a great start with a day off!


On Tuesday Derek showed me the social media side of marketing. We sat and went through all of the clients that he posts for and found content to post for each of them. I then planned the itinerary for the afternoon meeting at Mister Singh’s that me and Derek had scheduled in!

We had a general meeting talking about this family owned business. We then selected the 24 winners from the Mister Singh’s 24th Birthday Competition that was run the previous week on social media. I also made them a birthday cake to take to them which they loved!

Their competition had gone viral, getting almost 1.6k shares and reaching over 150,000 people! This showed me how powerful and effective social media can be for companies when done right. Craig also gave me an insight into web design which is what he specialises in. This is something that must’ve taken him years to master because it looked difficult to understand!


On Wednesday I was given the job to contact the 24 winners from Mister Singh’s Birthday Competition. I also updated Bella Fresca’s and Avo Avo’s social media pages. I’ve learnt from doing this that you must find the right content to upload to get a good response and posting at the right time also makes a difference. Graham also gave me an insight into what he does – SEO. I found this very interesting and didn’t realise how complex and time-consuming search engine optimism is!


On Thursday I sat in a meeting with Satnam who is opening his new restaurant – The Courtyard, Rouken Glen. In the meeting we spoke about how we are going to market his restaurant before it opens in 5 weeks’ time. The AIMS Media team have created The Courtyard’s website and is handling their Instagram and Facebook. Satnam also kindly gave the team a sample of his restaurant’s samosas which tasted amazing!

I then sat with Brodie who heads up the Copywriting team at AIMS Media and she showed me what she does – blog articles and written content for client’s websites. I then wrote a blog article – Why Are Children Smoking At a Younger Age? This is getting published on Anne Penman’s laser therapy website. I had to research the topic and find out facts, get stats on it and adjust it to optimise the article for Google.


Friday was my last day but still a busy one! In the morning I sat in a meeting with Security Scotland and we discussed the changes to be made for their website and updating their newsletter.

They have had some very  exciting jobs such as helping with the Victoria Secret Launch and they already have lots of things scheduled for next year! Derek and I then went to HR Services Scotland for their Macmillan cancer coffee morning they were having in their office. The cakes were very tasty!

Derek then took me for a Nandos afterwards which I was very happy about! Then it was back to the office where I worked on creating this blog on my work experience this week!

Skills I’ve learned this week

This week I’ve learned a lot thanks to the lovely team at AIMS! I learned how to upload on Sprout social which is a platform used to upload social media posts at the one time as well as showing you the analytics on how well each posts are doing how regular you’re uploading.

I’ve also learned the basics of search engine optimism. Content and links are the most important things to remember when it comes to SEO!

I learnt how much of a positive impact social media can have on companies. The Mister Singh’s Facebook page gained over 500 new likes due to their competition going viral! Competitions can be a great way to boost companies when it is done correctly.

The top 5 things I have learned.

  1. Scheduling posts on social media help you stay organised.
  2. Relevance is very importantnt in social media.
  3. SEO takes a lot of time.
  4. Clients like being brought cakes on their birthday!
  5. How fast Brodie is at writing!

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to all the AIMS Media team; Geraldine, Craig, Graham, Brodie, Hesham and of course Derek for letting me do my work experience here! You’ve all made it so enjoyable for me this week and I wish I could do it all over again next week!