Email Marketing Is Not Dead

You know what it is like you get an email from your favourite online retailer offering you reductions, you open it and need to zoom in and look at it.  By the time you see what it is, you have lost interest and close your email.

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That’s how many people react when they get an email.  You could be one of those people who gets the notification on their phone and ignores it.  Before you know it, you have over 13,000 emails just sitting there waiting to be read.  You might ignore it as you might not want to zoom in on it.

If you are a company sending out marketing emails to customers to let them know about news and offers that might tempt them to buy, the email needs to be as pleasing to the eye as possible, easy to use and quick to read.  Most of all, you want high click through rates and a low spam/bounce rate.

This is why responsive email is here.  More people use a smartphone more than desktop to use the internet.  Therefore, all emails should be made responsive so they adapt to the device they are on while still working on outlook in the office.  Customers need to be engaged.

If you have something to say then less is more on the email.  An eye-catching image, large title text with a small short sentence is all you should use in each section.  The user doesn’t care if you have a lot to say, though if they click a call to action on the email they might when they get to your website.

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Each section within the email should have something to click on to take them somewhere.

As the user scrolls through the email on a phone it needs to be relevant.  There is no point talking too much about out of date news.

AIMS Media offers email marketing services to help you speak directly to your customer.  More and more people are using social media however not everyone will see the post.  However, all your registered customers will get your email.  Let’s make it as easy as possible to use! Get in contact with us today and we’ll be more than happy to help.