Effective Email Campaigns

When running an effective email campaign, a clear objective should be established.  This could be to promote a new product, even or service.  However, have you considered how effective these can be?

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If you think a mass mailout will tick all boxes then think again.  This can be very expensive and can result in poor opening rates. A clear effective target approach will work best.  Emailing customers who previously opened the email and clicked would be better and more cost effective.  It would mean that emails will be sent to people who are interested in reading them.

An example of this would be to promote campaigns to customers based on relevance.  If your business is a restaurant, we can help you create an effective database to ask customers for specific information that would allow for more precise targeting.  If your database asked customers if they were a student then you would be able to target customers with a graduation menu campaign.  This can prove successful if targeted correctly at the right time of the year with effective promotion.

Go a step further

You have done all that work but took you a long process to sort through the data.  What if you could get customers to opt in easily?  Data collection needs to be quick and effective.  AIMS Media has an effective solution that suits many types of business from hairdressers, restaurants, venues and many more.  How many times have you had customers decline to complete a comment card or not provide correct information?

Using sign solutions with customer visits to your venue allows you to collect information easily and reduces mistakes.

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