Digital Marketing In 2018

Well, as we head to another year’s end, we look ahead to the digital marketing trends in 2018. In this post, we discuss the latest digital marketing methods that will be important in the bid to get your business noticed in the following twelve months.

Messaging in 2018

In 2018, the power of Facebook Messenger will become more and more apparent. People are exchanging over 2 billion messages with businesses each month! Think about that in a calendar year? It’s a massive market. Added to this, there are nearly 1.4 billion users who are active on the platform.

Companies in the tech world are explaining their success with reaching out to new markets via the use of Facebook Messenger campaigns.

Implementing integrated chat and messenger into your website is a great way to engage with users and produce leads and sales.

The Challenge of Messenger

How do you manage it all? With the likes of internal marketing features you’ll be getting emails, internal messages from apps like SalesForce and external messages from WhatsApp, iMessage and Messenger and then you have social channels such as Instagram, Twitter etc. Everyone wants an answer right now, not later, so how do you manage this expectation?

These messages need to be directed to the right people then responded to.  In order to achieve this, platforms out there already have a unified inbox such as Sprout Social while the likes of Office 365 may need to adapt their software.

Like other features in the digital marketing mix, this method of customer interaction should be thought about going into the New Year.

AI Is Here To Stay

AI to some is a black box while others don’t go near it as its still in its early stages.  The thing is, you’ve probably been using AI in some sort of way. Technology like this is only going to increase next year.

Brands need to start experimenting and see what AI solutions work for them in the marketing world right now.  It’s important to put plans in place and start using AI and see it assist you in marketing, sales and customer service.

Being an early adopter of this technology can accelerate growth, save costs on overheads and can generally make your company better.  You might have that advantage over competitors via the likes of SEO but you will gain a bigger advantage by adopting AI now.

Facebook Is For B2B Marketing Too

LinkedIn is the top platform for B2B marketing but changes to the platform have enabled  Facebook to become more of a B2B marketing channel for businesses, partly in thanks to its two billion monthly users.

It’s pretty simple, professionals use other social platforms outwith LinkedIn and Facebook is one of them. It’s a great way to engage with business owners but it requires more art and science than the likes of LinkedIn.

Digital Marketing Is Forever Evolving

Marketing now covers several bases including web design, SEO, blog creation, content creation/landing page generation,  social media marketing, email marketing and more.

As previously mentioned AI is becoming more prominent too in email marketing and as well within SEO.

There is now closer integration between sales and marketing activities which organisations are now seeing as a definite advantage.  Integration between the two means marketing delivers better leads and sales and can define other marketing initiatives.

For a brand to grow, keeping current customers happy is essential and at the end of the day its less expensive than trying to find new ones. So it’s important to have software and tools that engage, manage, engage and respond to customers.

You need to keep up to date with customer demands. The way you interact with customers is driven by the customers themselves.  They choose how to talk to brands online. Whether that’s through Twitter, Facebook or a simple email. Brands need to stay on top of this or risk losing out.

To stay ahead of the pack, an organisation no matter its skillset in digital marketing needs to audit its own capabilities and see where it needs to improve on. It needs to go all out and invest in the technologies and tools to stay competitive.

Take stock every 6-12 months to see where you’re at. You may need to outsource work to a specialised digital agency if you have something specific that needs doing.

Digital marketing is forever changing and its hard to stay up to date sometimes on what’s trending and what tools are most effective in operating your campaign. It can then become more challenging to identify quick wins may be available or what technologies may be the best fit for your company.


There’s a lot to look forward to in 2018 as we work in an industry never standing still. Staying ahead of the game is important. If you’re a new or existing business and new to the world of digital marketing then fear not, because here, at AIMS Media, we have years of experience in all aspects of digital. Whether you need a new website, whether you need to increase visibility in search or engage your brand with customers through social, we’re the ones you can rely on.

If you’re looking for a new direction for your company in the New Year then please get in touch.