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What Questions To Ask A Digital Designer Before Hiring Them

It is important that you as a customer ask as many questions as possible to find out if you are working with the correct company. If you feel like your web presence is inadequate in today’s market and you want to understand your investment, here are a list of potential questions that may help you decide which web agency will be best suit for you.

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10 Real Reasons Why Your Business Should Adopt Digital Marketing

The new media age has arrived and is continually evolving. It has changed the way we interact, how we buy and how we even meet people. Digital marketing is part of this concept and it has changed the way we market to our consumers. Marketing online enables businesses to reach segments they wouldn’t have thought before without significant investment. Let’s check out 10 reasons why your organisation should be adopting digital marketing right now:

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6 Reasons Why Social Marketing Works Great With SEO!

You always hear from other marketing gurus in the industry that different aspects of the digital mix should be seen as separate digital marketing strategies. So content marketing, SEO and social media should be planned separately and executed individually.  This can be done, of course, but let’s be honest, most people within the industry KNOW that digital marketing is like an armoury.

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Big Brands And SEO

One of the hardest things in SEO is to lift a brand off the ground and make it visible in search engines like Google and Bing. Our job is not just to make it visible but it’s also to generate large amounts of organic traffic too. This takes a lot of time, months in fact, sometimes longer.  You need to create great content, build authority and everything else in between.

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SEO Strategies To Improve Ranking

Improving SEO Ranking

Improving search ranking for your website isn’t simple. As more businesses realise the importance of SEO as their main armoury in their digital marketing campaign, search engine algorithms are smarter and have become more sophisticated. Techniques that once worked in improving ranks and driving traffic have become obsolete and in some cases will now serve you with a Google penalty.

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Why SEO Is More Important Than Ever Before

As the digital landscape develops and continues to evolve, the question of how important SEO is, as part of a digital strategy keeps popping up. Having an optimised website (SEO) is the process of having your websites noticed in search engines such as Google.  It involves having expert knowledge of an every changing environment and a knowledge of search engine algorithms which affect where you rank for keywords.

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