6 Reasons Why Social Marketing Works Great With SEO!

You always hear from other marketing gurus in the industry that different aspects of the digital mix should be seen as separate digital marketing strategies. So content marketing, SEO and social media should be planned separately and executed individually.  This can be done, of course, but let’s be honest, most people within the industry KNOW that digital marketing is like an armoury.

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It’s more effective for each strategy to work together with one another. Each effort compliments each other. Content enhances your SEO by optimising for certain keyword and can get links back your website. Social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter are also important as it can improve the reach and shares of your content.  But how can social media enhance SEO? How much does social media help your organic listings?

Filling out your profile information on Facebook and Twitter.

Fill out all possible information on your social profiles. Include the type of business you are, the company name, address, phone number and opening hours. Having this information can help you in local search.  Review sites scan social profiles for business information which they use for entries on their site. Having information in local directories helps your ranking in search as Google uses these entries as a go to for ranking local businesses.

The importance of link building.

Relevance and authority are the two factors that Google considers when ranking results for a search query.  To make it simple, the more relevant a web page is to the search query (does it answer the user’s question) and the more trustworthy the source is, the higher you’re going to rank in search. So if you have a lot of links with a high authority linking to your site, you are going to be doing well.

Now getting back to why social media works hand in hand with SEO. The links from Twitter and Facebook don’t impact websites ranking directly but with the reach that content can get this can attract links inbound links from high authority sources.

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Facebook as a marketing channel.

One of the great things is to get your content out there, to get it noticed by a huge audience. As previously mentioned social shares alone don’t count as a ranking signal but say you wrote a blog post on something you were seriously passionate about. The content could be shared, then shared further and the readers could be an editor or a publisher and they could mention the content in their work which could develop a natural link back to your web page.

Social Signals.

There’s been a debate for a while about the importance of social signals in SEO.  Or what they actually are.  There are differing opinions but nobody can deny that the more shares a post gets on Facebook, the more traffic, inbound links and visibility that it has.

Influencer Marketing.

If you can get in contact with influencers and publications who can publish your content as a guest post then this further helps your SEO strategy. With these types of guest posts and connections with influencers with large followings, you are on to a winner.

Success with SEO and Social:

Employ these best practices in social media and you have a great chance of improving your visibility in search engines:

Fill out social profiles.

Promote your content on social channels.

Encourage social shares.

Engage with publishers and influencers.

If you’re looking for further guidance on social media and SEO please get in contact today.