10 Real Reasons Why Your Business Should Adopt Digital Marketing

The new media age has arrived and is continually evolving. It has changed the way we interact, how we buy and how we even meet people. Digital marketing is part of this concept and it has changed the way we market to our consumers. Marketing online enables businesses to reach segments they wouldn’t have thought before without significant investment. Let’s check out 10 reasons why your organisation should be adopting digital marketing right now:

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  1. More Cost Effective

One of the main reasons to use digital as your prime marketing apparatus is it’s more cost effective than older and more traditional methods like newspapers and radio.  If you’re a small business and want to get the most out of the money you invest in advertising then the likes of an SEO & Social Media campaign can be a more effective way of reaching the customers you want.

  1. Use Content to Connect with Customers

Content is king as they say so it’s important you convey the right message to your customers.  Whether you have sponsored or free content, if implemented the right way it can more effective than a PR, direct mail or billboard campaign. Content can be delivered to your customers in many ways such as being optimised via SEO and shared on social networks.

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  1. Cater to the Mobile Consumer

Technology is so much a part of our lives now and evolved that much that mobile gadgets aren’t seen as alternatives to laptops anymore. Take the market in the USA. Over 90% of the adult population have mobile devices or tablets within reach of them at all times. This shows that your website should be mobile friendly and ready to target this kind of consumer group.

  1. Realise Higher ROI and Revenue

Increasing your digital outreach will in turn help increase your revenue streams.  If you can gather as much data as possible about customer trends and buying behaviour, you can make better predictions and this will help ROI.

  1. Customer Journey

Using the free tool Google Analytics, you’ll be able to track your consumer’s journey. When they come on site you can see where users click and where visitors spend time on your website. This can give you a better insight into their behaviour. Tools like this offer more than just traffic data. By studying all this information, you can create the perfect user experience.

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  1. Increased Conversions

By adopting digital marketing, you can calculate then improve on your conversion rate by looking into the traffic numbers on your site that get converted into leads, sales or subscribers. This is especially helpful for a website marketing services and products online.

  1. Encourage Social Media Engagement

Make your business stand out on social media and grow your client network by implementing a sound social media strategy. By having a targeted campaign based on interests, age and country you have a better chance of achieving a high interaction rate and direct traffic to your site for potential sales. Social media is part of your company voice.

  1. Get More Likes

You can build trust and credibility with achieving customer likes and tweets through the likes of Facebook and Twitter. It’s a great way to build brand awareness. As previously mentioned you can drive customers to your website via social through blog creation, discounts and more.

  1. Get Ahead of Your Competitors

Use the likes of Google Alerts and stay ahead of the game in relation to your competitors.  This way you can understand your consumers better and their success. This can also help you gain insight into their marketing strategies that in turn can help your business.

  1. Earn People’s Trust

Digital marketing grows through great content, social proof, an implementation of a good social plan and real testimonials of clients who’ve previously used a service or purchased products from you. If you’re given good feedback on the likes of Google reviews, other people are more likely to purchase from you as their trust will grow.

It’s vital that business owners understand what they’re missing out on by not adopting digital marketing into their business strategy. It’s an essential part of business growth in the 21st century. At AIMS Media, we are the digital marketing experts so if you’re looking for a hand in increasing your presence online then please get in touch today.