Cobra Security Case Study


Cobra Security provide executive security services to a range of venues, clients and events across Scotland. They pride themselves on providing a personable and professional service that ensures the safety and security of everyone that they work with. There are many security companies based in Scotland that have clearly invested in their websites and online presence, and Cobra felt that their company was worthy of a place alongside those other companies on the front page of Google.


We worked closely with Cobra to establish the keywords that they felt were relevant to the services that they offered and received a substantial amount of searches every month.

We started creating content that would help them be found for these searches, as well as creating various listings for the company in popular and relevant directories and having our content shared on relevant websites within the security industry.

We wanted to ensure that anybody who was searching for a security company in Scotland or Glasgow would find the Cobra Security page on the first page of Google.



After less than 3 months, Cobra already featured on the first page of Google for the keywords that we had identified above. They continue to receive steady streams of traffic from these searches and from the various blog posts that we have created for the website too.

The key to our success with Cobra was how open minded the team were to our SEO work and the content that we were producing. Cobra realized that they had to appeal not only to an audience that wanted executive security services, but also to an audience that wanted a personable security team with knowledge of the industry and character.

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