How Do I Market My New Website?

So you’ve done it, you’ve gone with the times and created an online presence for yourself through a web build. Is that it though? Will the time and money invested in this be enough to drive sales and conversions for your business? The short answer is no. Now that you’re online, there’s a number of steps you need to do, to “get your website out there.”  To market it, to drive traffic and to get it ranking well on search engines such as Google.  Digital agencies such as ourselves use a number of digital marketing methods in collaboration together to get your website noticed and skyrocket it online.

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Is It Time For A New Website?

Have a look at your competitor’s websites, does their website look more professional than your own? If the answer is yes, there is no doubt you are losing valuable clients. A website is the front of your business, if clients find it difficult to relate to the service or product on the website, they will go elsewhere, it’s just human nature.  Take this for example, would you rather input your credit card details into a dated looking website with products scattered across the pages or a modern bright website with an attractive layout.

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Making The Most Of The Valentines’ Rush Of Blood

It wasn’t that long ago that you could get away with a 99p card and a bunch of flowers from the petrol station on Valentines Day. But the pressures of social media and nosey friends have meant that unless you’re proposing at the top of the Eiffel tower, you’re probably not being romantic enough.

This is bad news for cash strapped boyfriends and girlfriends who leave gifts to the last minute, but good news for companies looking to capitalize on this rush of blood (to the head, obviously). Ensuring that your business holds a Valentines Day event or promotion won’t only help you to cash in on the romantic atmosphere in the air, it will also make you the savior of us last minute types who were relying on the shopping centre still being open at 11pm on the 13th.

Has Google Finally Lost The Plot?

Security online is certainly an important issue, but Google might have taken it a step too far with their recent announcement for their Chrome browser. Defining every website that isn’t using an HTTPS protocol as dangerous isn’t helping to improve online security, it’s turning otherwise normal internet users into scaredy-cats who are afraid to use anything that doesn’t say ‘Google’ on it.


SEO vs Web Design – A Match Made in Heaven?

War is hell, and nobody wants to be involved in a full on battle in the office space. But this is the reality of web designers and SEOs around the world, who are often involved in unnecessary disputes surrounding the best approach towards the creation and development of websites. Each party has their own ideas for what is best, and too often those ideas clash, with devastating consequences for both sides involved. So how can we work together in harmony? Well listen up, because we’ve compiled a list of tips to help SEOs and web designers become a dream team that can conquer the world together. Continue reading